Peninsula Teams to Benefit from Turf Field

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Several sports teams and PE to benefit from installation of turf field.

Many sports will improve from having a turf sports field at Peninsula High School.

Improved Useable Sports Field

“Lacrosse has traditionally had to use the field in very poor conditions, and even had home games relocated because it was unsafe. We are eager to have a turf field that will be sustainable for multiple sports to use throughout the year.”

While many people traditionally think of football first when it comes to turf fields, many other sports will see a greater impact to their sports having access to a new and improved field for winter and spring season sports.

Help is On the Way

By the time football wraps up, in a traditional season, the current grass field at Peninsula High is often is terrible condition. Add to that cold, rainy weather and you have a recipe for injury, canceled practices, games and PE due to an unusable muddy grass field.

Turf Sports Field to Benefit Multiple Sports

We can't wait!”

The goal is to have the turf field complete prior to the revised CIFSS schedule that kicks off this year. This will enable all teams to be able to utilize the sports field during the upcoming busy sports season..

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