Soccer Season

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

No more canceled or relocated home games.

Soccer players are eager to practice and play on the new turf sports field at Peninsula High School.

Year after year, home games at Peninsula High had to be moved to different locations due to poor field conditions. With a new turf field, all home games will be played at home!

Spring Sports Will Benefit Most

Historically, home soccer games have been at risk to be played due to the unpredictable conditions of the grass field. Peninsula High can have cold, wet and foggy weather only to be baked in the hot sun later the same week. When there is rain and wet weather, the current grass field becomes muddy and full of holes hidden in rain puddles. This renders the field unsafe for students to use. Spring sport athletes are eager to have a field that will not be so negatively affected by the weather that creates an unsafe and unusable space.

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